Maurin Donneaud

Designer d’interaction @ - Paris


Les projets existants

  • AYAB super projet basé sur la KH-910 qui coûte beaucoup moins cher que les autres machines.
  • KnitHack projet sur lequel se base mon développement.
  • Knitic projet plus complet mais qui fonctionne mal sur ma machine.
  • Openknit projet de tricoteuse open source.

Since the 19th century, home knitting machines were a popular manufacturing tool which allowed knitters to produce rapidly knitted items to sell or for household crafts. The possibility to use jacquard patterns started with the use of punched hole cards and began to be computerised in the 80’s. The immediate and low raw material resource needed to produce a knitted surface is what make knitting machines mobile and accessible for experimenting and prototyping. Since the late 80’s these knitting machines have stopped been produced. These last years hackers and makers have started to open up knitting machines and found new ways to hack them by allowing the machines to be controlled directly by a modern computer. These hacked knitting machines become a sort of textile printer. Having a direct communication between digital tools and the knitting machine pushes the boundaries of traditional knitted patterns and gives us the opportunity to think of new way’s in conceiving patterns.

In this workshop we will explore how our knitting machine can become a way of printing out (generated) data on a textile surface. First we will show how the monitoring system and the arduino controls the knitting machine as well as how the mechanics of the machine works in general. We will then experiment hands on with field recordings of our surrounding environment. Our sound cartography’s will then be translated and visualised with Pure Data and then sent to the machine to be knitted out. These patterns can be read as a visual translation of rhythms, silences and noises embedded in a palpable knitted surface.

Esteban de la Torre made a nice project at the E-textile Summer Camp :

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